His words and actions hold a power to disrupt my habits of thought….


Valentine’s Day


Think of me today,
If only for today.
It’s Valentine’s Day, after all.
Forget the crazy,
The convos I took too far..
Think of me today,
And remember…
Us in all our happiness,
In all the love we grew to share.
Me as the girl you once fell in love with,
And not as some girl in your past
Or that ex who didn’t know when to stop.
Think of me today
And where we are now.
Remember it once was worth it.
Reflect on the last month
How the good outweighs the bad.
Think of me today,
And ask,
Is this what you want?
Think of me today
And tell me you still love me.
It’s Valentine’s Day.
If only for today,
Think of me.



Every day before I sleep, I look in the mirror, toothbrush in hand. And wonder: was it all worth it? Was it as strong as I believed?

No matter how mature or hard you try, the pettiness of needing to know the other person is struggling just as you are wins. And not because you want them to hurt, but because you don’t want to be forgotten.