To Blog or Not to Blog…

Who knew that starting a blog, let alone the first entry would be so difficult?! Isn’t writing supposed to be cathartic, and NOT stressful? Yeesh…

Well, here I am: going through an earlier-than-expected mid-life crisis and starting a blog in hopes of ending the war that is my mind. Anyone want to take a guess as to what started all this drama? You’re right! A broken heart. Seems cliche to start writing because of a relationship gone bad. Meh, whatever. I’d tell my friend to start a blog too if she incessantly rattled on about ‘what if’s’ and ‘why’s’. A girl’s got a right to rant and over think these things doesn’t she?!

So here goes- it all started with Kyle…


One thought on “To Blog or Not to Blog…

  1. For some reason, your blog intrigues me. I’m just 16, quite younger than you, but the way you write and think seems like I’m just looking back at myself :’) anyways nice reading your blog 😀

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